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"Nature heals, the physician assists."

Chinese proverb

" kumar oyun oyna The secret is to embrace and exprsess life with love, exactly as it is , in each moment."


kumarhane oyunlar─▒ oyna N slot machine makinesi ature is the perfect expression of life. The word nature comes from the Latin word natura which comes from natus, the past participle of nasci, to be born. Nature is the mother that gives birth to her children and nourishes them.  Nature is perfect life manifested.  

The word naturopathy comes from natura and from the Greek word pathŕs which means suffering or illness. Naturopathy is the treatment of health problems through nature, not in an interventionist manner but rather by providing support to the person in their efforts to heal themselves, by helping them restore the power they have lost. All doctors and therapies can be very useful in helping us restore health but they are not necessary. The best doctor is nature, both within and surrounding us, and the best remedies are the simplest and most natural.

Natural hygiene is different from naturopathy in the sense that it is concerned with health and not with illness.  The word hygiene comes from the Greek word hugieinon which means health named after Hygieia the Greek goddess of health. So here we take care of health by living by natural laws.

Furthermore, naturopathy and natural hygiene are teachings. They put into practice a lifestyle based on the eternal laws of Mother Nature, of life manifested. These teachings are based on the understanding and respect of what can be found in the most intimate aspects of the material world and of that which is perpetuated throughout the universe, life.

Naturopathy and natural hygiene, even more so, are pathways, means to resituate ourselves at the heart of ourselves and of the universe. These pathways can help us to understand why we are here and now on Earth and to become accomplished as human beings, free from all obstruction and all illness.

As such, delivered from our mortal chains, we are able to raise ourselves up into the shining light of life and reach our true goal, freedom.

If these words echo within you, then it is because you are ready for this adventure of discovery which will bring you to the summit of yourself. The time has come to take action,


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Laurent L'╔cuyer

natural hygiene, naturopathy, iridology, energy therapy


"The health of man reflects that of the Earth."


"How sad to think that nature speaks and mankind does not listen."

Victor Hugo

Everything is perfect.


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