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"All diseases are the consequences of our lifestyles."


"To those fortunate ones who long for emancipation, the body may be the great vessel by which they may procure freedom.  But to the unfortunates who only sin, it may be the guide to lower and miserable states of existence."


jojobet rulet oyna We do not generally imagine that the body can contain accumulated toxic material in all of its cells, tissues and organs. Here is an idea of what we are talking about!  This waste material obstructs the body’s functioning, causing illness and often death. The intestines in particular, whose role can be compared to a filtration and purification factory, have become a veritable dumping ground. It is difficult to believe as long as we have not seen, smelled and touched the murky, fetid, viscous mass they contain. The liver, gallbladder, kidneys, lungs, skin, blood and lymphatic system also need to be cleaned as well as all of the body’s cells.

canlı casino oyunları We must begin with the intestines as, in general, these are the organs which are most clogged. In fact 90% of illnesses come from this problem.

goodbye my king oyunu oyna If you undertake this experience, you will see that it truly is a liberation from a self imposed slavery of years of an erroneous lifestyle, or at least the beginning of a liberation since the task to be accomplished is very large.  All of the accumulated waste within you represents your old lifestyle with all of the problems that it has brought you. The time has now come to free yourself from the past to be able to build a future full of happiness and freedom.

How ? There are natural and safe means which allow the body to rid itself from the waste which prevents its normal functioning.

You can read the document entitled  Gastro-intestinal housecleaning, which explains the why and how of body cleansing.

We invite you also to visit Karine de Gressy (Switzerland) website which is very rich in content with photos (colon and small intestine).

Here is some more precise information.

There are many types of body cleansing. There are both short and long term, easy and not so easy treatments. The longer the cleanse, the greater the amount of waste that will be eliminated, but also, the greater amount of stress that will be placed on the body. A short and easy treatment is preferable and can be repeated without danger.

Short cleanse : 14 days

Colo-vada Plus                         More information

This cleanse is the easiest and most efficient of those we have tested. It is composed of scientifically selected herbs, vitamins and minerals which do the work. It was conceived to generate a gradual cleaning effect in the body.  It takes place in three stages, preparation, cleansing and restoring, in complete harmony with the bodily functions so that there is as little interference as possible with normal daily activity. One can eat normally except for a period of 4 days within which time only vegetable and fruit juice should be consumed. Failing this one can eat a small amount during these 4 days but the treatment will be less effective. Normally one is not hungry and feels no weakness but rather a gain in energy.

This is a simple and effective way to create a bodily environment which encourages waste elimination from the colon, small intestine and from the body in general. It is suggested that one undertake this treatment 2 to 4 times a year until the body is cleansed, which may take many years depending on the person.

If there is pre-existing significant health problem, a more radical program may be required and a health professional should be consulted.


Before beginning a cleanse it is important to be psychologically prepared, that is to say that one should want to undertake treatment knowing that it will be beneficial. If one starts treatment lacking motivation there is a risk of not finishing treatment.

It is also important to be physically prepared, in that the intestines should be without constipation. One should normally have at least one bowel movement daily so as to prevent accumulation. If this is not the case, it would be important to take some psyllium and/or a mild laxative until the body is ready.


Laurent L'Écuyer

natural hygiene, naturopathy, iridology, energy therapy


"Take care of your body if you want your soul to enjoy living in it."

Chinese proverb

"It is necessary to enter the ultimate finite to find the ultimate infinite."



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